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Printing Industries Association of the Philippines, Inc.

PIAP is one of the biggest association of printers totalling more than 700 members. It was organized on May 29, 1963 by a group of printers led by the late Alberto Benipayo, printer-publisher.

Joining PIAP gives us the opportunity to develop camaraderie and business networks among fellow printer owners.
This allowed us to see and emulate the best practices of different companies during our plant tour.

Ms. Felisa M. Lajara, BJ Lajara Printing Press

Embark on an exhilarating journey into the realm of print at our esteemed Printing Association!

As a member, you’ll unlock the artistry of design and mechanics of printing, creating a bridge between imagination and reality!

Our association welcome beginners and enthusiasts alike, offering a supportive environment to grow together.

Be an integral part of our dynamic community, where boundless creativity thrives and awaits the distinct hue of your perspective!

Ms. Rosemarie T. Ellema, IQ Capture Printing Corporation

The privilege of membership in the fully vitalized PIAP is definitely valuable to your company’s professional growth.

The technical and printing updates, the relevant articles in the quarterly magazine, the regular trade show participation will keep you up to the minute with the most progressive players in the global industry.

Most of all, the opportunity of networking and collaboration with like-minded peers contribute to the overall growth and success of your business.

Mr. Tomas G. Carunungan III, Nitto Printing, Inc.



Winners of our PIAP’s Badminton Tournament & Fellowship 2023.

Men’s Doubles Champion, Men’s Doubles Runner-Up, Women’s Doubles Champion, Women’s Doubles Runner-Up, Mixed Doubles Champion and Mixed Doubles Runner-Up.

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Be a part of what PIAP stands for and enjoy the benefits of our membership.